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I took the Premier Central Services CRCST Course, and never looked back.

Kisha Marks, Graduate


Becoming a CRCST opens the door to a wide variety of opportunities and experiences. Working as an Instrument Tech or CRCST, you will find yourself working alongside surgeons, nurses, surgical technologists, and many other healthcare professionals. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door working in a hospital or ambulatory care center contact Premier Central Services. We will guide you through every step of the way, from taking the national exam, to resume writing and clinical exposure.

A central sterile processing technician plays a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness, functionality and inventory of health care instrumentation and equipment. Their work ensures that patients avoid infections and that doctors, nurses and allied health professionals are able to access the instrumentation and equipment they need immediately.

As a central sterile processing technician, you are responsible for sterilizing instrumentation and equipment through a series of critical steps. You will have a strong understanding of microbiology and infection control, the priciples and practices of sterile processing and decontamination procedures.

You will take classes that prepare you to:
Clean, disinfect and distribute sterilized instrumentation and equipment to an emergency department, intensive care unit, the labor and delivery unit, operating room and other areas of health care facilities.

Work in a sterile processing department and central service department setting.
Contribute to a team of central sterile processing technicians who are all working together to maintain sterilization and storage.

Find employment in various settings, including hospitals, dental or eye care practices, plastic surgery offices, surgery centers and laboratories.

Take the central sterile processing exam offered by the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM). This program is based on the IAHCSMM certification, CRCST.

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Why Premier Central Services?

Earn a central sterile processing technician certificate in approximately 3 months.
Gain hands-on experience in a hospital.
Study under professionals with many years of on-the-job experience

Clinical Externships: What to Expect


Premier Central Services central sterile processing technician certificate program will prepare you to work on a team that manages the sterilization of all instrumentation and equipment – a vital part of maintaining patient safety. You will prepare and assemble, take inventory and place orders as needed. In addition, you will help provide information to staff about any instrumentation and equipment defects and ensure they are used before sterilization expiration dates.


Here are just a few classes you will take during the central sterile processing technician program:
Anatomy, Physiology and Terminology
Surgical Instruments
Microbiology and Infection Control
Sterilization Procedures and Practice
Decontamination Procedures and Practice
Medical Equipment
Surgical Terminology

Premier Central Services, Central Sterile Training and Certification Course.